Cause for a Dance Party was founded in 2009 to combine nightlife and charitable giving. We are headquartered in Washington DC and host rockin’ dance parties at venues in the District and across the US.

Each event is different; one we taught the Thriller dance and held a dance-off.  At another we played nothing but 80’s and 90’s music and rocked it like a hurricane.  At another we did a Bourbon tasting and rocked out to Bluegrass…and yes, it is possible to rock out to Bluegrass.

What makes our dance parties totally awesome?Disco Ball
The goal with every event is to raise money and awareness about our partner non-profits all the while ensuring everyone has a great time.  We accomplish this by providing great tunes that will encourage, what we have dubbed, dance party (adj).

Main Entry: dance party
Pronunciation: [dahns pahr-tee]
Function: adjective
Date: 2007
1: expressive of inspiring awe
2: terrific, extraordinary
<Example:  That move was soooo dance party!>

Who are you?!

No, we are not Batman.  We are professional party throwers and we have decided to use these skills for good.  The benevolent DJ DJ RandomRandom rocks our events, in fact, here’s a blurry pic of him trying to figure out what song to play next.

If you are a DJ or party promoter and would like to throw your own Cause for a Dance Party event, please Contact Us .  We are always happy to help and lend our brand to anyone looking to raise money and awareness for a good cause.

Check out our Upcoming Events page for details on our next dance party or drop us a line from our Contact Us page.

Cause for a Dance Party, helping non-profits and people to Rock It, Responsibly since 2009.