Giving back is cool…your mom told me so!  Most people do not think about bars/clubs as being altruistic.  Yeah, you sponsor a kick-ball league but that doesn’t leave you feeling all fuzzy inside.  Let’s be honest, that’s just cheap advertising and it drives business to your establishment after the game.  What if I told you there was to make money and do good all at the same time? 

Cause for a Dance Party wants to enable you to make money and have an impact on the world by hosting an event at your bar/club. 

We are a departure from the usual charity events.  Our events are a great way to mix things up and attract new customers.  These new customers will then associate your establishment with a good cause which we think is a pretty great thing.   

Why should you want to host a Cause for a Dance Party at your bar/club?

  1. Simply put, the bar will make approximately $2,000 – $4,000* in beverage sales (*based on average bar tabs at past events)
  2. New customers
  3. Alignment with charitable events and organizations that will reflect positively upon your business

How does it work?

  1. Contact us
  2. Tell us about your bar/club
  3. Make sure you have a dance floor
  4. Agree on terms of how we will work together

How do you ensure the success of the events?

  1. Your staff will still be involved from bartenders to bouncers.   It is just like any other night except you are throwing a charity event.
  2. What if no one shows up?  We promote this event through a variety of channels; through our members, through the non-profit, through the bar/club, through the web, and through the press.  This multi-pronged approach ensures the success of each event.