Let’s be honest with eachother, none of the cool kids like those stuffy $100 a plate fundraisers.  Simply put, they are boring.  There’s a podium, someone talks about the mission, and the food is craptastic.  LAME!  Are you looking for a way to engage your members and get new ones?

Of course you are!  Who isn’t?!  Especially in this tough economy where charitable giving has lessened over the last 3 years (Thanks Charity Navigator!).

Cause for a Dance Party is a departure from the usual charity events.  Our events are a great way to mix things up and attract individuals who you wouldn’t normally be able to get to.

Why should you partner with Cause for a Dance Party?

  1. Add new people to your list that are interested in your non-profit.
  2. Enable your non-profit to be identified with fun rather than, “give me money for X.”
  3. Raise awareness about your mission.
  4. Raise money for your cause.

We are big fans of reciprocity at Cause for a Dance Party.  Give to Get.  If you give them a party, you will get their time, attention, and generosity.

How does it work?

  1. Contact us
  2. Tell us about your organization, goals, and mission
  3. We jointly decide to work together on a dance party
  4. We jointly plan and promote the dance party
  5. Dance party is rockin’
  6. Your organization has new members and raised funds

Who have we worked with?

We are still young but have worked with some awesome non-profits who do a whole lotta good.  Click on their logos to access their websites and learn more about their missions.

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Polaris Project Logo


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Project Create