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Cause for a Dance Party presents:  The Presidential Dance Party

Cause for a Dance Party is back and throwing its hat in the ring for the upcoming Republican primary!  We’ve always been a fan of Santorum (thanks Dan Savage) so we want to do all that we can to ensure his frothiness doesn’t get the sheets all dirty in the Lincoln Bedroom and further his agenda of bullying gay people in America.

Come and dance your ass off for a great cause!  All door proceeds go to the It Gets Better Project (http://www.itgetsbetter.org/), whose aim is to stop anti-gay bullying and give LGBT kids hope for the future.

Here’s our 9-9-9 plan for an awesome dance party:

-9 drag queens dancing (OK, probably like 3 drag queens)
-90’s music (along with the 80’s and new stuff)
-9 different drink specials.  Belly up to the bar and order yourself some of our Presidential candidates favorite cocktails:

  • Bachmanntini – so good it will make you gayer than a Minnesota congresswoman’s husband
  • Raising Cain – with a sip of this drink, you will sexually harass your way to the top!
  • Mitt Martini – so bland and boring, you’ll probably just order something else
  • The Huntsmen – like the Mitt Martini but with hotter daughters
  • Newt Cock-tail – this drink is so patriotic it will make you cheat on your wife/husband
  • Paul Spritzer – this is like drinking an alcoholic version of the Constitution
  • Perry-ay – try this with a lethal injection of rum and say your prayers! Zing!


  • It’s free to RSVP, $5 minimum donation at the door is all it takes to get entry to be given access to a drag queen version of Michelle Bachmann.
  • DJ Random will be spinning the tunes – 80’s, 90’s, new stuff, hip hop, pop, just really fun music
  • All door proceeds go directly to Project Create DC
  • The party will be located in their Library room on the second floor
  • Getting There: Extremely Metro Accessible: The Darlington House is located about 50 feet from the Dupont Circle North Exit (Red Line)

More Info

Cause for a Dance Party Facebook Group – become a fan - there are pics from the last event up on the group page thanks to our awesome photographer, Messay Shoakena.