We would like to thank the following folks, without whom these most excellent dance parties would not be possible.

  1. Ricky Bell
  2. Michael Bivins
  3. Ronnie De Voe

Other than the three awesome gentlemen above, we would like to acknowledge the following peeps who have donated their time and skills to making our events the best they can be.

Messay Shoakena – Freelance Photographer

Messay is the photographer that took pics of you doing the running man at our dance parties.  He is a freelance photographer that has worked for the Washington Post and other news outlets.  Messay

Please visit him at for access to his incredible galleries or to hire him for your event.  Messay can be reached at 202-525-6377 or

DJ Random says, “Messay’s skills at shooting in low light are amazing.  He is able to catch a clear view of someone dancing and capture the light from the disco ball flickering off their face.  None of the pics look under-exposed or dark.  They really capture the moment.”

John Chu – Dance Instructor

John Chu has been dancing since he could walk.  John caught the dance bug at 3 years old, when he saw Michael Jackson moonwalk on TV.  Ever since then, John trained in breakdancing, hip hop, ballroom, latin, and modern dance.  John has trained professionally in a New York City modern dance company with world renowned choreographers.  John most recently taught the Thriller to help break the Guinness world record for the largest simultaneous dance in the world, and continues his love of choreographing and teaching dance.

John Chu

If you want John to teach or perform in your party, wedding, social event, contact John at or 917-533-7324.

DJ Random says, “Let’s get one thing straight, I love playing Michael Jackson music.  However, add John to some MJ music and it’s like you are watching  the late, great MJ rock it right in front of you.  He can really get the crowd going!”


Visual Aries Design & Photography – Christine Greany

The Cause for a Dance Party logo was donated by Visual Aries Design & Photography. If you need some rockin’ graphic design work, please contact their creative director, Christine Greany at or at 215-680-7877.  You can visit their website at

DJ Random says, “Visual Aries is awesome.  Christine Greany (Creative Director) has been educated in two of the greatest cities in the world - Philly and London.  She has a great taste in beer and even better skills at designing.”

Strength in Members – Marketing Strategy and Online Engagement

Strength in Members helped us with our marketing strategy and to build this lean machine of a web site. If you need some awesome website and marketing work, please contact them at

DJ Random says, “I love these guys!  They really helped me to refine the focus of my website.  I wanted to jump right in and start designing but they said otherwise and I am glad I listened.  This strategic prep work served as a good foundation for the design and general structure of the site.  Olga and her assistant Evie are so talented.  Contact them for some rockin’ website work!”